Acumenian gets recognition for its growth for the 3rd consecutive year.

In 2023, Acumenian gets recognition for its growth for the 3rd consecutive year. In 2020 as the world was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Inc. Magazine recognized Acumenian for the […]


OPPORTUNITY FOR DEVELOPMENT AND SUCCESS Since the ravages of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, earthquakes, and COVID-19, in Puerto Rico, federal funds have been a constant conversation in all island sectors. […]

Convert Information Treasures to Powerful Knowledge.

by Diego Lucero We all know that data is everywhere, and you may even have heard it is the new oil. But just like oil, if unrefined, there is not […]

Use Technology to Alleviate your Business Financial Growing Pains

Data is one of the most valuable assets for leadership to make good decisions. by Wilfredo Orona, Myrna Y. Malavé-Huertas and Jorge Colón From a financial perspective, readily available, accurate, […]

What kind of leader are You?

When you want to grow the leader in you, start by knowing what type of leader you are by Myrna Y. Malavé-Huertas We can become overwhelmed by the many pieces […]

Lunch & Learn: Rediscovering the formula to great leadership with Talent Optimization

The Acumenian Lunch & Learn: Talent Optimization, Discovering the formula to great leadership was an opportunity to have a conversation with leaders from different industries. Facilitated by Myrna Malavé, the […]

Grant management and compliance
Keep Funding Flowing to Advance your Mission

Understand grant requirements and lift the compliance burden by Jorel M. Lopez Grants are critical funding sources for many government and nonprofit agencies. A funding/issuing authority (grantor) provides these financial […]

Financial Growth
Among the first 250 fastest growing companies in the Americas

Learning fast during critical times pays off. Acumenian, a company of Puerto Rican origin, was recognized among the first 250 fastest growing companies in the Americas by 2022 in the […]

Integrate Time and Expense Tracking and Optimize to Succeed.

Tear Down Data Silos Between Time-Expense Tracking, Accounting, and Human Resources In today’s economy, small and medium companies are subject to many challenges when optimizing their operations. For many reasons, […]

The Challenge of Celebrating and Maintaining Remote Attention

How to achieve greater participation of the members of a company in events held with a mixed virtual and face-to-face format. The list of benefits of remote work is extensive. […]

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