Our Services

Acumenian is a boutique executive advisory and technology firm, focused on enhancing operations and strategic decision-making. Our data analytics techniques allow executives and their staff to make agile data-driven decisions.

Strategic Executive Advisory

Acumenian is a Strategic Executive Advisory Firm that offers customized solutions for the formulation and implementation of organizational strategies. As a boutique Advisory firm, we guarantee that our services add value to daily operations by applying the Actionable Strategic Visibility™ approach.

Our successful track record allows us to help multinational companies grow and rapidly evolve in their respective market sectors. Acumenian's first-hand knowledge on organizational strategies, business management, agile operations, project management and infrastructure development make us a unique solution provider.

We help clients, that range from startups to multinational companies, to develop actions and build valuable alliances that assures their success. Our clients take advantage of Acumenian’s experience, technology, insight and collective acumen to expand their operations and become more agile.

Custom Apps Development

Acumenian leverages on its executive advisory and data analytics practice to cement its technology driven solutions and develop customized applications that put into actions our clients’ strategic plans.

Our proven methodology starts with a set of activities that guide the analysis of current operational needs and are followed by a comprehensive optimization of processes to be incorporated into our Strategic Solutions Report™. This report allows our development team and strategic executives to define requirements, scope, strategic objectives and other elements that clearly define a seamless solution.

Acumenian’s development team will work with strategic executives, consultants and key technical staff to design the application that assures requirements are met and surpassed.

Data Analytics

Acumenian builds dashboards and data analysis models that take advantage of not only their data, but also other open data sets to offer the necessary operational perspectives.

Data analysis team focuses on providing executives and their staff with reliable data to improve decision making. We help clients develop strategies that are aligned with their business objectives and culture, particularly in the areas of marketing and operations through the application of techniques such as data mining, statistics, predictive modeling, clustering and much more.

Our modeling techniques and methodology allow executives and their organizations to use data to support the past and predict future business results using the Executive Visibility Tool™ .

Think about what you can achieve if you know in advance where you are going. We are looking forward to helping you and your organization.

Organizational Project Management

To keep up with the fast pace of business and assure successful completions and implementation of organizational development projects, outsourced projects management assistance may be of great help. Acumenian applies Agile Strategic Evolution™ Process which provides to clients with the expertise and drive required to perform such tasks. Contact us and let our team of professionals help to make your dreams a reality.

IT Management Services + Advisory Support

This offer allows clients to concentrate on their business while leaving us the daily functioning of their IT systems.

Acumenian has the tools, methodology and experience to work
with your organization in order to establish or maintain a reliable support system reinforced with our strategic technical expertise.

Application Modernization

When running with outdated technology or old IT Infrastructure a difficult situation may happen at any moment. With Acumenian you can get ahead of this problem by modernizing your apps. By doing so you are able to avoid the time, frustration and lost productivity that systems downtime causes, while extending the life of your applications and enhancing your daily operations.