Strategic Hiring for Optimal Performance

Using Team Design as the starting point for strategic hiring by Myrna Y. Malavé-Huertas Whether because of the “Big Resignation”, changes in your company’s internal structure, business growth, or your...

Grant management and compliance
Keep Funding Flowing to Advance your Mission

Understand grant requirements and lift the compliance burden by Jorel M. Lopez Grants are critical funding sources for many government and nonprofit agencies. A funding/issuing authority (grantor) provides these financial...

Financial Growth
Among the first 250 fastest growing companies in the Americas

Learning fast during critical times pays off. Acumenian, a company of Puerto Rican origin, was recognized among the first 250 fastest growing companies in the Americas by 2022 in the...

Integrate Time and Expense Tracking and Optimize to Succeed.

Tear Down Data Silos Between Time-Expense Tracking, Accounting, and Human Resources In today’s economy, small and medium companies are subject to many challenges when optimizing their operations. For many reasons,...

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