When you want to grow the leader in you, start by knowing what type of leader you are

by Myrna Y. Malavé-Huertas

We can become overwhelmed by the many pieces of advice we receive on leadership. Most of them are pretty good. What I think is important is to understand our baseline; what are those behaviors that will come out naturally when I’m not putting the effort to apply those “wise words” I read.
  1. Ask for feedback: whether you take those formal review moments, schedule it a couple of times a year, or sporadically bring it up, a way to learn about yourself is to ask others how you are coming across. The good and the bad, and don’t react except for saying “thank you.” You can ask your manager, your peers, and definitely your team. What do you appreciate about me? What would you like me to pay attention to? How do I help you in your job? What can I do differently to facilitate your work?
  2. Turn on your video selfie mode: Not your phone, but take time to reflect on those little moments when you had a significant impact (positive or not). What happened? What triggered your actions? How did others react? Are you satisfied, or can you make little adjustments? Take notes or discuss them with others to generate commitment.
  3. Take a behavioral assessment (BA): there are many in the market. I recommend and use Predictive Index BA. It is accurate, fast, and deep. BAs mirror your style; most importantly, they give you language to discuss yourself. We are naturally wired to act and react based on our needs and drives, and while we can flex our styles, it is easier when we know “why and how” and manage from those strengths and support the areas that are hindering.  
An extra nugget? Book a full High performing teams series and work together to understand each others drives and behaviors, and leverage each individual on the team towards your goals.

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