People are the key ingredient to strategy, identifying objectives and making it happen, and how they connect with each other, their roles and goals can be assessed to generate true value. We believe in the magic that well-functioning teams bring to each team member and the organization. When jobs and people complement one another, the whole becomes greater than the parts, and everybody thrives. Acumenian, in partnership with Predictive Index (PI) brings you a scientific way to design, execute, motivate and measure high-performing teams with predictability.

Our certified team can support your human resources practice in approaching people issues with data and in a continuous cycle that starts with designing and engaging your team, hiring the right candidates, developing your people, helping managers engage with each team member, and measuring organizational climate.  


High-performing engaged teams

While most commonly, we look at hiring as the first step in the employment cycle, when you start designing your team, you have insightful information to make the best hire! Acumenian helps you understand how your team works together and achieve results and what profile can complement the team to sustain that high performance. Book a demo for Team Design

1. Understand your team dynamics and work on strengths and blind spots 

2. Map the strategic objectives with the team to agree on steps to enhance team dynamics and results  

Hire the best talent tailored for you 

Create job profiles unique for the team, based on the needs and expectations of those who collaborate with the role. Then, evaluate candidates based on that profile and their cognitive fit. With PI Hire, you will own a tool that makes it easy for you to create and review the behaviors needed, advertise targeting the leadership skills, provide specific questions managers can ask in the interview process, and save that profile for when you need multiple hires for the same job. A well design job and the Hire tool, will increase year one retention and accelerate performance.   

Inspire staff and managers

People development and employee relations are easier when you have a data driven tool that provides you with insights on strengths, blind spots and tips to grow. With PI Inspire, you will have many tools to support coaching, supervision, and build better relations. Our certified team can take you hand by hand, supporting leadership coaching and developing leadership development programs.

Measure Engagement and follow up 

Engagement can be measured to give you access to real-time feedback at a point in time. It can be powerful information to prioritize your initiatives as we all make retention a priority. Using a tool like PI Diagnose, you can not only support you to understand how people feel about your company, but it is actionable to implement real initiatives to tackle the issues. Let Acumenian help you with empowering leaders to understand engagement for the company and each individual team! 

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