Acumenian is capable to help you in the development of proposals for the acquisition and obligation of funds to assure your projects and programs are aligned to achieve your organizational goals. Our team will guide you to establish key performance measures and indicators to visualize to enhance the evidence of program progress and results.

We will lead the development and implementation of program guidelines for pre & post-award management to sub-recipients to assure compliance and the proper use of federal funds.

Federal Advisory

During the analysis our team will be advising in the evaluation of projects, including their eligibility for funding according to Federal regulations, coordinate with sub-recipients, how this project will benefit your company and how will it meet your desired goals.

Grant Acquisition

The purpose of this phase is to guide you through the process and methodology for grant management and effective grantmaking in order to obligate funding from different Federal agencies. Our experienced team will advise in the selection of projects (Pre-Award), offer support and management (Award) and oversight to achieve their success (Post Award).

Federal Funds Management

Our team will be ensuring that all the processes involved in submitting a grant will be performing a final review of completed awards and processing close-outs; establishing performance measures and ensuring compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements.

Closeout Management (Oversight)

As part of the award management cycle, our team will re-evaluate if the goals of the project were fulfilled,performing final review of completed awards and ensuring compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements.