Acumenian’s Operational Improvement & Process Optimization (OI&PO) Services focus on improving, optimizing, and stabilizing business processes with agility and effective time management. This approach will increase productivity while ensuring compliance with local and federal regulations. Our successful and proven process is based on DMAIC and Six Sigma, with the practical application of the insight of our Advisory, Certified KPI Professionals, and Analytics Team. This approach will increase productivity while ensuring compliance with local and federal regulations.

Identify Strategic Opportunities

The initial process of our OI&PO will create a precise mapping of crucial elements of your organization and clearly define business opportunities, goals, potential resources, project scope, and a high-level project timeline. This phase will serve as a baseline to determine Critical Quality elements and establish the customized Pareto Chart for each initiative.

Define Metrics and Monitoring Measures

This phase aims to establish current baselines as the basis for improvement objectively. This data collection step allows us to define performance metrics and determine the magnitude of the revisions to reach your goals. The process will be guided by our Certified KPI Professionals and Advisory Team.

Analysis Validation

During the analysis phase, our team will identify, validate and select the root causes of the opportunities while defining the initiatives that will be implemented. This step will help clear up your strategic plan while establishing the type and quality of the data to be collected.


The enhancement phase will identify, test, and implement the best solution to the situations specified in the previous steps. Our team will also identify creative solutions to eliminate the root cause of each concern and prevent process problems.

Track and Quantify Performance

The final phase will ensure that changes are implemented and embedded into the organizational culture. Additionally, we will optimize operational processes, quantify benefits, monitor results, track improvements, and finish the project with a results-driven approach.

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