The Acumenian Team understands the importance of developing and implementing an effective and precise IT strategy aligned with your strategic business goals. 

We are passionate about sharing our acumen and experience to support your company by designing technological strategies while exploring the most efficient way to use your resources and maintaining your company updated on the latest trends. We develop an effective and customized technology plan or adjust your existing one to ensure alignment with your business strategy while taking into consideration the following circumstances:
• Geographical expansion
• New products and services
• Mergers and acquisitions

If your company needs the service of true experts to design your IT plan or needs direction toward the most profitable IT strategy, we are here to help!

Policy Development & Compliance

The Information Technology Policy & Compliance team develops IT policies, standards, and procedures and assesses the most effective and comprehensive compliance programs. We work closely with your company to make sure that all relevant industry regulatory requirements are met.

Our accredited consultants provide guidance and support throughout the process, helping you navigate increasingly complex and rapidly changing compliance regulations. We support companies build secure, compliant IT infrastructures that allow their teams to feel confident that they can place their focus on other essential areas of their business.

IT Infrastructure & Communications

Our IT Infrastructure consulting services enable organizations to design, build, run and manage scalable, flexible, and reliable IT infrastructures. Our services ensure that your IT infrastructure and systems maintain optimal performance and have the scale and agility to meet your long-term strategic objectives while enhancing operational efficiencies, boosting productivity and performance, and reducing costs. One of our expertise lies in enabling reliable network connectivity, communication, operations, and management, ensuring your entire IT network infrastructure is interconnected.

Cyber Security

Acumenian’s cybersecurity consulting services are specifically tailored to identify, evaluate, minimize, prevent, and eradicate threats to your network infrastructure. A team of proven security experts will work closely with your individual and organizational needs to uncover any areas of high risk; identify the network, data, application, and enterprise threat levels and hazards, vulnerabilities, and cybersecurity issues, helping in the prioritization of your security issues to address your most urgent needs.

Audit Support

The Audit Support professionals are dedicated to examining and analyzing technological infrastructure to ensure efficiency and regulatory compliance by performing IT audit work, developing audit scope and procedures, and preparing audit reports.

Our scope is to maintain data integrity, produce reliable, accurate information, protect your company’s assets, ensure availability and performance, and assure compliance with IT-specific laws, policies, and standards.  We provide recommendations to address the findings of our IT audits, and we strive to ensure that our recommendations are practical, agreeable, and actionable before the conclusion of our work.

Best Practices & SOPs

The SOP development services begin by examining your company’s existing processes to ensure they comply with current regulations and guidelines. Whether they are aligned with industry best practices and clearly outline roles and responsibilities, we format SOPs to your personalized template and process structures. We also provide regular updates to project managers, including identifying risks and issues that can impact the development of assigned SOPs. A best practice and appropriate management of these procedures will allow your business to meet its operational KPIs.


Our team of network administrators provides personalized services that meet the specific demands of your organization’s unique IT environment. A consultant will help you design, install and configure services, including analyzing and redesigning existing networks for better functionality, performance, and security. We provide proactive network monitoring to detect and mitigate, as well as cloud migration, data storage, and backup data solutions to minimize losses in the event of an IT setback.

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