In 2023, Acumenian gets recognition for its growth for the 3rd consecutive year. In 2020 as the world was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Inc. Magazine recognized Acumenian for the first time at #62 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Southeast region of the United States. In 2022, the Financial Times ranked #213 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Americas. And by 2023, they were the two magazines that recognized Acumenian for its growth.

In an interview with the president of Acumenian, Luis Matos talked about what this means for Acumenian, as well as the following challenges that Acumenian seeks for this 2023, and future years. 

Question: What does it mean for Luis Matos that Acumenian got recognition in 2023 by these two magazines? 

Luis Matos: “The mere fact of being recognized, for me, is a feeling that there is something that we are doing in Acumenian that gives real value to our work. Internal questions always arise as to whether we are doing what we must do or whether we are diverted in our work, not only at the company level but also personally. These recognitions confirm that we are working in the right direction. I will use an analogy that can relate to this: you always think that your children are the most beautiful of all, and when someone outside your family tells you that your children are beautiful, they validate you. You are happy to know that other people think the same as yourself. So, all the effort that has been made in recent years, such as bringing in the right people, the training, the care that we have given to our people and especially to our clients, and in all these things that we call the “Acumenian Way” when these awards arrive, we reaffirm that we have and do something special that must be protected and cared for. And to mention that it means a lot that it is now 3 consecutive years; it is no longer a coincidence; it is already a reality.”

Question: For Acumenian clients, what does it mean that Acumenian obtains these recognitions?

Luis Matos: This question is initially answered with another question, why do we want to know if Acumenian is among the fastest-growing companies? And it is simply because we are Acumenian and are interested in knowing what could be more obvious. We must expose ourselves to others seeing us from the outside so that what is not evident can be demonstrated. If we are not recognized or do not appear on these lists, we have much to improve. But if we appear on these lists, that shows us that we are on the right track. Now we continue with what is being done well, see that something else has not arrived, and go for it to achieve it.

For our clients, the message is: We are exposing ourselves to the world to see what remains to be achieved to provide our same clients and show that they are our center and we are interested in their success. As part of the “Acumenian Way,” self-demand is essential to continue providing top-quality services. Being on these recognition lists together with world-renowned companies means that Acumenian is at that level of those companies. And not because we’re looking to compete against multinational companies, but to let customers know that when they made the decision to go to Acumenian, they made the right choice.

Question: Do you think the competition knows that Acumenian is being recognized?

Luis Matos: Most likely if they are aware that Acumenian received some recognition, but that is not the purpose. For the most part, our interest is internal, and the noise made afterward is simply part of the recognition. It is not the main goal. It is also a way of giving recognition to our customers. They, too, are part of these results as they have provided opportunities for Acumenian.

Question: What challenges come for Acumenian after receiving these awards?

Luis Matos: The biggest challenge continues to be our clients, to achieve more for them, to help them more and more, to make a difference in their lives, and to discover what is not obvious. That they themselves realize that we, Acumenian, measure our growth and demand ourselves. That we not only do it in the area of growth, that we also do it with cyber security, with IT, with our applications and services. We compare ourselves so that the client does not have to go to the market to see where Acumenian is compared to the rest of the other companies available. Let the client know that in Acumenian, there is a healthy discontent to know that it can always be improved and that we will not rest until we achieve it.

Question: Being recognized as a fast-growing company, in which area has Acumenian grown the most in recent years?

Luis Matos: Acumenian has had a very even growth in our services. In general, our innovation and technology products are for companies with a multinational presence that want to stay at the forefront. At Acumenian, we have noticed that small and medium-sized companies want to advance like large companies. That is why we have created accessible products for these small and medium-sized companies with a world-class level so they can reach this positive evolution in improving their processes, systems, and reports at an earlier stage and an affordable cost.

Question: Which project is currently the most prominent at Acumenian?

Luis Matos: We currently have several projects running that are very important. For our clients with an international presence, to present the most relevant information accurately and efficiently, within their decision-making environment. Due to our geographic location with frequent natural disasters, Acumenian has established itself and grown as experts in Emergency Management and Management of Federal Emergency Funds. And as already mentioned, being able to provide small and medium-sized companies with access to world-class technology. At Acumenian we focus on providing this type of technology and having it available to our clients to manage their entire company with a lower investment. Innovation and technology are our primary focus; geographically, we have an impact throughout the United States, although the Southeast has been the main performance area.

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