Technology and Process Automation: Indispensable for Growth and Innovation

by Elvin G. Hernández

The technological revolution makes it imperative for companies to keep IT systems and services available 24/7, 365 days a year. The endless list of day-to-day complexities in the IT world expands exponentially.

Today remote work is as important as being in the office in person. Technology allows companies to continue operations, enabling staff to connect remotely and securely. It is crucial to keep up with new systems and updates without affecting products and services.

To ensure reliability, IT Managed Services deal with all technological incidents for employees, clients, consultants, remote workers, and sometimes suppliers who need secure access to systems.
It is easy to see how the high volume of IT work, and its impact on companies is highly relevant to keeping businesses running, secure, compliant, and sustainable. 


Systems have to be available around the clock, which creates limited windows for maintenance -usually late at night and on weekends- so it does not affect the services to internal and external personnel. 

Now, think about the impact of NOT having reliable service for Information Technology:

  • Slower operations
  • Many more processes that are not necessary
  • Diminished productivity
  • Reduced innovation and growth potential

Security Threats

With the high consumption of the internet today, which allows us to open a world of communications and efficiency in the tasks carried out daily, the security of the systems is also threatened. Failure to remain proactively secure in your IT area endangers the company’s goals.

Scarce Professional Resources

Executives must make informed decisions of what to insource and what to outsource. Increasing focus on resources for critical deliverables while leaving the technology management with dedicated experts pays off. The current talent landscape creates a battle for professional staff. When you appoint your crucial business and outsource experienced professionals to carry out the strategic and daily tasks and support the implementation of technology systems, consulting, and managing projects, you ensure that projects are completed as planned.

Acumenian has a team that offers IT-managed services to our clients. These resources are experts in different areas, such as:

  • Databases
  • Networks
  • Servers
  • Management of cloud services
  • Project management

Our work team ensures that operations continue uninterruptedly, supporting the implementation of new infrastructure, new software projects, system monitoring, help desk, database management, application development, and data. We are the client’s representative in meetings and support consulting issues so that the projects can be executed.

Acumenian supports business and government agencies with the right professionals to meet technological needs. With personnel working with clients’ IT and executives, advising and providing project management, we ensure that each and all responsibilities are completed flawlessly.

A successful project we delivered was implementing a new telephone panel: replacing the telephone box with more than 200 telephones in different offices throughout Puerto Rico. 

Operations could not be interrupted, so Acumenian and client teams had to be at their desks at some point. In addition, the inventory of new equipment had to be secured, and obsolete equipment was confiscated. Acumenian participated in the project from its implementation phase (previous phases had been carried out without our intervention). As part of the analysis, we identified which offices had priority, the logistics of the installation and the collection of the equipment, and where they would be stored. And how our client could transfer callers to the pilot number (main box number) to existing box phones or new box phones because both were working.

Acumenian characterized itself as a transparent company. Having a relationship of trust allows us, as consultants, to evaluate, validate, and implement technological solutions and show that we are doing the best job for our clients. We demonstrate that we are good at what we do, with the quality and experience of our people, which has led us to be recommended to new clients.

 Acumenian, LLC is a technology-driven management consulting firm with offices in Puerto Rico and Florida. We provide services that impact the performance of our clients throughout the world. To schedule an appointment, contact us at or call 787-474-0300.

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